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What to expect in Barcelona before arriving!

What to expect in Barcelona before arriving!

Have everything ready before coming to one of the greatest cities in Europe.

Barcelona is a magnificent city, filled with all kind of activities, delicious food, impressive architecture, and amusing nightlife. However, as with any big city, you need to follow basic travel safety tips and use your “street smarts” to secure your valuable personal belongings. We believe is always a great idea to read a little bit ahead and to know what to expect during your visit to this amazing city.

Here is why we have created this blog, to help you prepare for your trip:


Depending on what time a year you go, you may pack t-shirts, shorts, and swimsuits, or you would have to pack a light jacket, wool sweaters, and ankle boots. Although the majority of tourist prefer to visit Barcelona between May and October, the climate is still mild during winter. Temperatures in the city normally don’t drop below five degrees Celsius (41°F.)


As in most European countries, the Euro is the official currency of Spain. Major restaurants, shops, and retailers accept Mastercard and Visa, AMEX is not so usual in Spain yet. However, we always recommend having a little bit of cash in hand as some business may set a minimum amount for card purchases. ATM’s are a regular sight throughout the city.


While Spanish is the official language of Spain and almost everyone in the city does speak the language, if you want to blend in and go the extra mile you should learn at least few words in Catalan.

Here are some useful words:

  1. Good Morning – Bon dia.
  2. Good Afternoon – Bon Tarda.
  3. Good Night – Bona nit.
  4. Please – Si us plau.
  5. Thanks – Gracies or Merci.
  6. Cheers – Salut.
  7. Do you speak English? –Parla angles?
  8. Nice to meet you – Moit de gus