The ultimate summer packing guide!

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The ultimate summer packing guide!

The ultimate summer packing guide!

As summer is approaching (and also your summer vacation- Hooray!) we decided to write a blog with the ultimate guide with recommendations for easy and friendly packing for your summer in Barcelona. 

Spain is a stunning destination year round but summer in Barcelona is especially breathtaking. Depending on how many days you are staying in the Catalan capital and when exactly in summer you come, you’ll run into mild temperatures as well as HOT days– so, as with most trips, it’s important to pack layers for all occasions.

*Use our packing recommendations below, but always revise the weather before visiting!

Summer Essentials in Barcelona:

  1. Sun Hat: We consider this one important- You’ll definitely need a hat to protect you from the rays, and to keep you shaded while exploring Gaudi's favorite spots.

  2. Sun Glasses: I mean, Of course, you’ll want sunglasses. Our favorite choices are the ones with UVA and UVB protection for your eyes.

  3. Head Scarf: This is more a feminine suggestion, A headscarf is a great accessory for any summer outfit and also provides some warmth in case it gets chilly at night.

  4. Day Bag: Another more a feminine suggestion- you’ll want something durable and comfortable to carry throughout the day with your belongings, photography gear, and beach essentials.

  5. Sandals and Sneakers: Yes, we also consider this one a Must as you’ll spend lots of time walking, We highly recommend investing in a comfortable pair of supportive and fresh sandals and sneakers, so hurting feet is not an excuse to miss the walking tour.

  6. Denim Jacket: Barcelona gets very HOT during summer, however during the nighttime might get a little chilly. We think denim jackets are great for Spain as they’re typically cooler than sweaters or cardigans.

  7. Tank Tops and T-shirts:  a must, of course!

  8. Shorts: Again, A must! as you'll wear shorts most of your trip.

  9. Denim Pants: We recommend to pack at least a pair or two for colder nights or going out in Barcelona.

  10. For girls: skirts, sundress, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers- all these are easy outfits for excursions or strolling around town.

  11. Activewear: we also think is important to bring some activewear for hiking or day excursions outside the city.

  12. And most important, Bikinis (Don't forget Barcelona has a wide variety of incredible beaches.)

We would recommend bringing at least 2 swimsuits, especially if you plan on being in the water a lot, but again, is very HOT during summer.