The new era of Bicing arrives to Barcelona!

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The new era of Bicing arrives to Barcelona!

The new era of Bicing arrives to Barcelona!

Get to know the awesome improvements Bicing has made to its transportation system. Get all the details you need about the new era of Bicing.  

The second generation of Bicing is officially here, 12 years after the first implementation of this revolutionary system. The renewal has begun and will end this coming April, here is what we know about these improvements:

  • More stations, better than ever. There will be 95 new stations installed, which will better cover the neighborhoods of Horta-Guinardó, Nou Barris, Gràcia and Sant Martí. The new stations will be small platforms with individual anchors, compatible with mechanical bikes and electric bikes.

  • There will be better security for each bike, these will include a location chip, and a fixing bar to prevent theft.

  • It will now be easier to get and to return a bike with Bicing, as each one will include a mobile reader for better accessibility. Moreover, it will no longer be necessary to lift the bicycle when returning it, but only to pass between the anchors.
  • The new bikes will be heavier but with sharper movements. They now will carry the brakes and the gearbox inside to prevent vandalism. They will possess larger wheels, 26 inches, puncture resistant covers, and reflective paint on the sides, which will increase road safety. It will also be easier to raise and lower the seat, yet the front carrier will be a bit smaller.

  • The new electric bikes have a battery to last up to 60 kilometers, enough for a day of intensive use. According to the City Council, the recharge at the station lasts almost five hours. The motor has a system to assist the pedaling, so that the more often you pedal, the more strength the motor has.

  • From now on, instead of having two different passes with two different prices, there will only be one price for both bike models, which will be €50 per year. However, there will be a flat rate for regular users and another for occasional users.

The goal is that by mid-February half of 400 existing stations would be replaced with the new ones and that the process completion is by April 2019. Meanwhile, the subscribers will be able to use the new and old bikes simultaneously, always keeping in mind that the departure and destination station are the same. Also, if you renew your subscription in 2019, you may enjoy a free month.