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The best Paellas in Barcelona

The best Paellas in Barcelona

We hate to burst your bubble, but probably the best Paella is not found in Las Ramblas. 

La Paella is the most known Spanish dish by many, but what many don't know, La Paella is originally from Valencia. All the regions around it have their own type of rice, which they all look similar to La Paella from Valencia. Although the Barcelona paella is not the original one, our style is as delicious as the Valenciana one.

1. Colom Restaurant (Gothic Quarter)

The Mediterranean food in the heart of the Gothic quarter. Their rice and paellas are some of the best reviewed by tourists and locals. His specialty? The seafood Paella. Remember you need to have some tapas as an appetizer, they are a must.

They have a paella menu with three tapas for €11.90 per person.

2. The Peninsular (Barceloneta)

His clients highlight the quality of their products, especially the freshness of their seafood, best known for their special paella. For its reviews and its location, it is always full, so we recommend calling and booking the paella in advance.

A generous single portion of paella costs €19.90.

3. Can Solé (Barceloneta)

Menu and local seafaring style, it is one of the restaurants with traditional Catalan cuisine, very good reviewed by the locals since its opening 115 years ago. From the seafood of the day to black rice or a fideguá, going for its extraordinary rice with lobster.

The price varies according to the type of rice, is between €20 and €40 per person.

4. Restaurant Elche (Poble Sec)

Since 1959, they have bragged about their seafood paella, their mixed paella (chicken and seafood), and about their arroz caldoso with lobster (juicy rice.) But, according to the reviews, they are better known for their famous black rice, whose ration does not reach €15.

The paellas and rice are around €20 per serving.

5. La Barraca (Barceloneta)

Eating Paella is always a pleasure, but there is nothing better than doing it with a beach view —especially if they have made their own version of Paella, by adding butifarra!

The prices depend on the type of rice, but they start at € 20 per person.

In the neighborhood of Barceloneta is where most of the Paella restaurants are located, since it is a dish eaten especially on beach days, but you can enjoy it throughout the city. There will always be a Paella restaurant close to our apartments.

Are you hungry yet? We certainly are after reading this blog. Brb, we need to eat some Paella about now.