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Panellets: The Original Recipe

Panellets: The Original Recipe

Panellets are the traditional sweets with chestnut and sweet potato, prepared for the holiday of All Saints on November 1st, known as Castanyada in Catalonia. Learn how to make them with us!

  • 150g of pine nut
  • 160g of crushed raw almond
  • 130g of sugar
  • half a glass of water.
  • 1 lemon zest
  • 1 little sweet potato
  • 1 egg

Steps to Make It
1. Cook the potato without removing the skin.

2. When the potato is done, peel it and mash it with a fork.

3. Wash the lemon and grate the skin with a grater.

4. Mix the grated skin with sugar and the crushed raw almonds.

5. Now mix it with the potato and knead energetically to make a uniform dough.

6. Separate the egg white from the yolk, add it to the mixture and save the egg white for later. If the dough seems too liquid, you can add more almonds.

7. Create small balls (about 12) using the entirety of the dough, roll the balls in pine nuts and brush each with a bit of egg white.

8. Place the balls in the oven tray with baking paper and bake at 150º about 10 minutes and they’re done!

Now try to make it in one of our apartments in Barcelona!