Carnaval in Barcelona

Carnaval in Barcelona

Carnaval in Barcelona

Starting on Thursday, February 28th (called Jueves Laredo) until the Entierro de la Sardina on Wednesday, March 6th, Carnival in Barcelona is fully enjoyed by everybody in the city, from young people to grown-ups. Do you want to know all the details? Keep on reading! 


Barcelona Celebrates carnival in the most important neighborhoods of the city. What you will see the most is costumes, parades, dancers, live music and, of course, parties all over town. If you want to know in detail all the events and it's scheduled, click here.

However, if there is a carnival party recognized internationally in Barcelona, that is Sitges. About 30 minutes by train from the city center, you will arrive in this beautiful coastal city.

Known for its Mediterranean beaches and fantastic film festival, Sitges has also been called the gay capital of Europe. Therefore, their carnivals are considered the most gay-friendly in the world.

People of all kind and all ages enjoy each year one of the oldest and most spectacular carnivals in Spain, where the Colles, or carnival groups, fill the streets of the city with music, dances, costumes, and a unique show. For all the details, click here.

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Are there other activities?

Parades, concerts, dances. However, don't forget that Barcelona's carnival is much more than that, from fancy dress contests to second-hand markets, through makeup workshops.

In addition, you can't miss the fire show, where takes place in the Les Corts' neighborhood, here the Devils' star in a flame ceremony. Also, there are activities in all parts of Barcelona suitable for all ages, because the carnival is not just for children. To know all the activities district by district, click here.

And the food?
The tortilla, the egg sausage, and the Catalan crackling Coca are the three essential elements of the gastronomy of these dates.

In addition to the popular things celebrated throughout the city, such as grills or hot chocolate, egg sausage is a tradition throughout Barcelona, but especially in the neighborhood of Sarrià and El Clot, where a popular butifsrrada is celebrated.

Tortilla competitions are held in the main markets and cultural associations of the city, including the Mercado de La Llibertat, La Mercè Market and the Association for the Promotion of Catalan Culture, among many others.

And to end the feast, on Wednesday the party ends with the "Burial of the Sardine", where, as it could not be otherwise, you can taste this fish in many parts of Barcelona.

If you have been hungry, do not hesitate to know more details here.