Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Barcelona

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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Barcelona

Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Barcelona

Discover our top 5 choices to celebrate St. Patricks day like a "real" Irish.

Just like in Dublin, St Patrick's day is celebrated in Barcelona is on the 17th of March, and if you want to celebrate with the Irish people (or just like them) there are many Irish bars you can go to. I mean, even if there is no parade for St Patrick's day in Barcelona, is still very fun to celebrate! So put your green outfit on and let’s have a beer!

1.Flaherty’s Irish Pub:

This is one of the best known Irish pubs in Barcelona, is located near the Rambla. It offers you good beer, great whiskey, and Irish traditional dishes.

2. Temple Bar:

This is one of the nicest Irish Pubs in Barcelona, you will feel like if you were in Temple Bar in Dublin. They organize a special event every year for St Patrick's day!
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3. The Michael Collins Irish Pub:

This place is recognized for cheap drinks, a lot of people, live music, and always a good time! For this special day, they make discounts on beers, offer gifts and add a green touch on the drinks.
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4. The George Payne:

when you look at what they offer, it really isn’t much different from any other Irish bar, except they do it bigger and better! The venue itself is big, the food portions are big, and the drinks are big! You can’t miss this pub during St Patricks day

5. St Patrick’s Festival Barcelona: 
An exhibition by three of Ireland’s finest young contemporary artists opens in a 400m2 gallery where you can enjoy the music and the art. 
Afterward, there is the famous Irish Kila at Shoko, (Passeig Marítim, 36